Recipe for Success


For this recipe you will need.

  • 1 University
  • A Bunch of passionate students
  • A couple of equally passionate lecturers
  • 100% Work ethic

The method is pretty straight forward! The result – Good Feeling!

Today was a fantastic day where we got the opportunity to showcase the work from the Exposure 2012 project. It was a brilliant opportunity to show to people not involved in Exposure some of the fantastic work that we produced as a group!

I was one of the students presenting a piece of work. I haven’t spoken in front of an audience for a while. (Being in front of a mic talking to an audience doesn’t count).
I found that talking with your hands isn’t so bad.
I also realised today that I can’t keep still when talking to an audience. Which also isn’t that bad as long as what your saying is interesting.

My speech went OK though and the entire presentation from the entire group went well!

When you’ve been working on a project for as long as Exposure, It’s so easy to get soaked up in your own work. Today was a chance to step back from everything and hear other peoples work.

What made the showcase even more enjoyable, Is that there were representatives from organisations such as BBC Radio Wales, BBC Sport and even local dignitaries such as MP’s and AM’s to hear this work.

It’s such a good feeling knowing that people are willing to listen to us students. Especially after the hard work we put into Exposure 2012!

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