Trial and Error or Fail to Succeed

Rainbow Run
Before & After the Ty Hafan Rainbow Run

Last Sunday, My house-mates boyfriend and I took part in the first Ty Hafan Rainbow Run on Coney Beach in Porthcawl.

An awesome unique idea where you run/walk/jog/crawl 5K (3 miles) whilst getting covered in powder paint and in the process raise money for a worthy charity. It was great fun!

Now, I’ve always supported Ty Hafan where I can, mainly as their HQ is based down the road from where I live, but the last time I did any running was the Cardiff Half Marathon in 2010 and I managed it in just under 3 hours. It was tough. Like seriously tough.

To give you a little bit of a personal athletic background, I’ve always been a sprinter not a long distance runner. In secondary school, I was always picked to represent the school for the 100 metre races and 200 metre races where I’d often land in the top three and sometimes win!

Cardiff Athletics Stadium before being demolished in November 2007

I’d always remember the pride after running at the (now non-existent) Leckwith Stadium (Old Cardiff Athletics Stadium) coming home and telling my mother I’d won.

On the odd occasion, I ran the 400 metres but I always came last but so what, I always came last in the 400 metres?

My philosophy was if I didn’t try it, I wouldn’t know I was bad at it would I? These last 12 years, I’ve held that thought when doing anything in radio.

I’ve had lots of ideas that I’ve tried, admittedly some have not quite worked and some have worked really well. But if I didn’t try any of my ideas, I wouldn’t know how well they’d be received.

If they didn’t work, I’d go about it a different way to see if I could improve in any way and if not, I’d move on.

In my case whilst at school, I stuck to the 100 and 200 metres races in order to win as I knew I could, but I’d push myself and do something different to see if I was good at anything else.

After 12 years in radio and witnessing a lot of changes in the industry (One major one Real became Heart officially on Tuesday 6th May at 6am), some have asked me, “am I “running” out of ideas?” My answer has always been and will always be no.

There are experiences you take part in, people you spend your time with and memories you regurgitate, that create stories and generate ideas or improving on any existing ones. Unless something drastic happens, those experiences will continue.

I’m always looking at trying different things as I hate to think that I’m boring and predictable, Two words I’m pretty sure the closest people to me would never describe me as.

Being creative gets you noticed.

I do think that it’s a shame that not everyone thinks that way,  but you learn to live with that and keep paving your own path.

It really doesn’t hurt to try new things. Think about it. Life is all about trial and error. So what if you have to fail to find what might (or might not) work? It certainly hasn’t done me any harm.

Ty Hafan
Paint! (Picture courtesy of