Speech & Thoughts

I talk a lot. I mean a lot. Sometimes I talk too much. Sometimes it gets me into trouble.

Anyway, I digress rapidly.

Speech and communication is what makes the world evolve, but why as humans are we still susceptible to saying the wrong things at the wrong time? Why do our brains think that saying something that could upset someone, be good for someone’s feelings?

I’m not a scientist and neither can I provide the answer (I don’t think anyone can really) but vaguely analysing it, it’s quite a strange concept.

On a daily basis, I have to be relatively careful as to what I say, not just in my paid job but also in my life in general as I’ve built up a reputation and as we all know, one moment can ruin everything.

Think before you open your mouth” is a classic phrase I heard regularly as a kid, often said by my mother.

With that in mind, it’s been a strange few weeks in the world of Jamie, to a point where over-thinking has become the main topic of thought for me.

Ironic really? Yeah, I thought so too!

My brain is a strange one at it’s best. It does very well dealing with multiple things at one time, but trips over the littlest of things – susceptible to diversions and putting me off the main task in hand.

You may think that this is a pretty strange post from me, but it’s meant to be thought provoking and for me, a little different, but eventually there is a point.

I spend “at least” 6 days a week in the public eye so there’s no hiding really and minimal room for error, but there’s things I keep between a select few and some things I keep to myself.

I’m pretty sure that I’m not alone with that thought, especially anyone who works within the broadcasting industry.

It’s bizarre to think that one small thought can snowball pretty bloody quickly into a novel of opinions, where only a small proportion end up being published to the world… But it’s not so bad, as every thought doesn’t have to make it into the public domain.

I travel to Shanghai in a few weeks time and that was a result of one small thought, snowballing into pressing book on the flight confirm screen and I’m looking forward to it.

I’m also in a phase of organising my life so it runs more fluently. Do we work to live? … or do we live to work?

In the world we live in, it seems a lot of people live to work. Some do it because they have to. Others do it for fun.

As I said, I’ve built up a reputation and consider myself a kind hearted human being that’ll do pretty much anything (within reason), with a sense of humour, absolutely no sense of style but a fair grasp of the current world. What other people think, is their opinion?

I’m also best man to one of the best people I’ve known in the time I’ve been on this planet. He knows who he is and will be a little red faced reading this, but I don’t care.

… The title of this post is “Speech and thoughts”… Well thoughts of a speech are beginning to really haunt me at times.

It was a snowflake to start and I was overwhelmed to be asked to be best man and now it’s a giant snowball with only a couple of months to go – after suit shopping earlier this week, It’s really happening.

We’re all susceptible to saying the wrong things in life. I’ll take my own advice and hope that writing this will start to give me the confidence to write my speech and say all the right things.

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