Why Me?

Most of us make New Years resolutions in a bid to do things differently, whether it’s going to the gym to get fitter or eating different foods to be healthier.

For many years, I haven’t made a resolution but I have tried to better myself as a person in general.

To say it’s been a busy start to 2015 is a huge understatement.

Believe it or not, we’re already whizzing through February, so let me pause for a moment to transport you back to Midnight on January 1st.

Pub shot

I was stood at the bar at my local pub accompanied by my housemate, her boyfriend, her brother and his fiancee. All the hugs & kisses had all been exchanged and the beverages continued to flow.

With that in mind, a text appears on my phone. This message wasn’t what I expecting. (Sounds really dramatic doesn’t it!)

Radio Glamorgan are up for 6 awards, Well done!

Now one of my roles as Programme Controller at Radio Glamorgan is to ensure that all award entries are submitted by the given date by the Hospital Broadcasting Association. (The governing body for all Hospital Radio Stations in the UK)

They organise an annual awards ceremony as recognition for the hard work of volunteers up and down the country who work tirelessly within Hospital Radio.

Last year, we were shortlisted for 9 awards (& won 3!) so I wasn’t expecting us to replicate a large number of shortlisted nominations.

9 nominations last year… 6 this year. Great!

Like anyone would, I began to start frantically checking the full list of nominations – really pleased to see other presenters gaining national recognition for their hard work but the one thing I wasn’t expecting is to see my own name staring back at me. Baring in mind, this was New Years Day and by then, I’d had a few beverages of the alcoholic kind … It was true.

I’d been with Radio Glamorgan since 2003 and for the last 6 of them, I’d entered the “Best Male Presenter” category of the awards and hadn’t made the shortlist until now.

Don’t get me wrong, anyone who thought they had a fighting chance at an award – and doesn’t get nominated gets a bit disheartened – so this year, I wasn’t expecting anything.

To my knowledge, I’ve done nothing different this past year, so why me?

Flying the Welsh Flag

I know that sounds really odd of me to say/write, but there are thousands upon thousands of radio presenters across the UK … so how on earth did I somehow impress the judges of the HBA awards with my 4 (and a bit) minutes of material from the past year?

Its bizarre, maybe I’ll never know and maybe I shouldn’t question it. I’m not going to question making the trip up to Newcastle in March though!

Like past years though when I haven’t been nominated, I’m not letting it get to me. I am a small part of a bigger picture.

I could become big headed and obnoxious but why would I change who I am? I’m the same person now, than I was in 2014, 2013, 2012 … and so on.

I know in life in general, I’ve become more opinionated and maybe it’s confidence shining through as I get older, but it’s not as if I’d made a resolution to change who I am in that sense?

Some delightful people keep reminding me that I’m 25 later this year and I’ll be really honest, I’ve now started to look at my career in a slightly different way than what I did when I escaped University in 2012.

The options for me are getting slimmer as the weeks go by, for which some people cannot comprehend and understand.

That said, my life and who I am will stay the same.

Despite those closest to me, being 100% right when they say that I do too much (and that i’d agree with 99% of the time) – I’m not going to change my ethic – but If I start changing myself, then we have a problem.

Change is for some. Consistency is for the rest.


The HBA Awards ceremony takes place in Newcastle on Saturday 28th March 2015.
Radio Glamorgan are shortlisted for 6 including “Station of the Year”.