Self Evaluation

Believe it or not, I’m writing this little post on my day off.

You’re probably thinking, yeah? and? so what?

Anyone who knows me well enough, knows that this is a rare occasion.

drivetimeMy day today, I’ve spent sat on my sofa, TV’s been on in the background (Mostly E4 and repeats of Big Bang Theory if you’re interested) and I’ve been listening to myself.

You’ve read right, I’ve been listening to myself. Listening to my own voice.

Earlier this week, I covered two Drive-time shows on The Wave in Swansea. It was an awesome opportunity as up until now, I had only read the travel news during this time, as opposed to presenting a full show!

In short, I absolutely loved it. I loved interacting with listeners, having a laugh & yes, even messing up once or twice.

I’ve found in my time in radio that presenters, both established and just those just starting out – tend to forget to self evaluate after their show is over.

Self evaluation is always a great way of highlighting areas of improvement.

It’s a message I stand by and will continue to do so during my career.

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