I’ve had a blank blog open for the last hour or so and have been wondering how on earth I’m going to write what’s going through my head. Well here it goes.

These last few weeks have been somewhat “yo yo style”.

There’s been some highs, some ultimate lows, but right now I’m not far from the latter.

Some of you might be surprised to read that, but I’m human and have emotions?

Without attempting to pull on anyone’s heart strings or attracting any sympathy, I’ve had to deal with some fairly stressful situations recently that I’ve never had to deal with before – at the age of 25 / 27 / 33 (depends on who you are). I’m going to be completely honest, it’s been pretty tough and at times I’ve used the phrase “My head is fried”.

This week, I have been to my breaking point. I’ve realised when things don’t quite go to plan, It really does knock my confidence, I end up getting frustrated and annoyed with myself and inevitably, that rubs off on others.

That needs to change. It’s as simple as that.

The above has landed me in hot water so many times during my life and now it’s really shaken me, so I’ve started what I’m calling a ‘mood diary’ – sounds silly, but right now it seems right.

I’m no expert, but I know what/who makes me happy, but I don’t know ‘exactly’ what triggers the unhappy side, so here’s the start of my research, putting pen to paper.

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