My brain is an arse

You’re probably thinking, that’s a bit of a strange title?

It’ll make sense if you stick with me here.

The brain is important, there’s no doubt about that. It does more than you think, excuse the language here but it can f**k with your feelings.

Right now, I’m between a rock and a hard place. Despite all the great things in my life right now, (Some fantastic people that have stuck with me [to some extent] alongside part of my job I’m enjoying) a couple of weeks ago, a fat branch was lodged into the spokes of the metaphorical ‘life bike’.

Long story short, I’m trying to buy a house. It was going so well, right up to the point for-salewhere an unfortunate event during September took place (not involving me) and now instead of stepping forward, I’ve fallen so far behind I feel like I’m back at the start of the whole process.

Every time I log onto my internet banking lately, my heart sinks every time. Because I know the majority of the money there, isn’t mine. (In short, Rent!)

Last Friday I logged on and my brain decided to turn my mood into a sour one (So much so, I haven’t logged on to my internet bank since!). That was early on in the day, so not a great start. Now I’m a kinda patient guy, but my patience snapped in my brain. I was tired, I was frustrated and finally, the penny dropped. Clearly the ongoing delay with my house is at some point going to have an impact on my financial situation.

Life is all about challenges. Granted if you’re not challenged, it gets a bit boring. I’m looking for a new challenge in my career – but it’s not as simple as that at present (I refer to the above point regarding the house).

Now onto my main point for this post. Today (10th October) is World Mental Health Day.


Our brains are wonderful tools, but on the flip-side – they have the ability to take control of your entire body, whether you like it or not!

I’ve written before about me putting on a brave face (because of the nature of my job) and I’ve had to during these few weeks. So much so, It’s come to a point where I have anxiety and it has got the better of me.

The word ‘anxiety’ tends to be used to describe worry, or when fear is nagging and persists over time. It is used when the fear is about something in the future rather than what is happening right now.


I write this with a slight tear in my eye, because I feel slightly embarrassed to admit it – but after the coverage in the press, on social media so on and so forth about Mental Health issues, why should I be embarrassed?

I have some unbelievable people around me, genuinely *and excuse the soppy bit here* I could not thank them enough for understanding me, my ways and how my brain thinks sometimes.

Now anxiety is a natural thing in anyone’s lives unfortunately.

It’s the way you deal with it. I slept for most of yesterday, resting my brain on my only day off – trying to relieve the stress and persuade myself mentally that my situation will solve itself soon.

Today, a new campaign was launched called “#IAmWhole” (Read more details here) – in short it’s been launched to reach out to young people who aren’t accessing services because they fear being stigmatised.

Instagram / @JamieRadio

It’s all about posting a selfie on social media with the hashtag (#IAmWhole) – mainly raising awareness of the stigma of mental health.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, mental health effects us all.

I’m Jamie. I’m 26. I’m speaking up about mental health. And I urge you to do the same.

Thank you for reading x

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