Legacy of a Lecturer

5 years ago, I graduated from University. Scary huh?

2012, the year of my graduation was a bit of an up-down-up-down type of year, but I look back at it now as a “tough love” time of my life.

I speak to the ones closest to me now and I explain how shit the year was in general (It really was), but one part of it I’ll remember with a field of mixed emotions, but mostly good.

3 weeks out of the 52 of that year, I spent the majority of my time either on the 3rd or 4th floor at the ATRiuM campus of the University of Glamorgan (Now South Wales) in Cardiff or at home wide awake at stupid o’clock in the morning.


Two words. Exposure Radio.

It was my final year of study at Uni. Exposure (for short) was a major radio project, which tested the talents, patience and determination of each student that would be part of it. It was a tough three weeks. We’d been warned about the fact it’d be tough, but my goodness – words mean nothing until it turns into reality!

Exposure was the brainchild of senior lecturer at the University, Julie Kissick. Julie has been in the industry for many years undertaking a number of roles, but more recently made sure that her experience was passed onto future generations through the medium of education. (Making sure we knew about Westlife, Swansea City and Football in general!)

Back to the year of 2012 and those three weeks. Well.

Julie was the lady that would give us our challenges, find our weaknesses and build up our confidence in areas we never thought we’d explore. Test our patience and so on. In short, she did the best, to bring out the best in us during those three weeks, five years ago.

Why am I mentioning all this now?

That was my experience all that time ago. Not much has changed since then.

… but this week, marks the end of Exposure Radio in its current form. For me personally, It’s a weird feeling, having been a part of it in its early stages – It’s like a child that’s grown up and now fleeing abroad. Each year since I graduated, I’ve been back and made an appearance on a couple of shows and sharing my experiences with students about my current roles and the experiences I went through when I took part in the project.

Honestly. Some experiences I live to remember, and some I’d rather forget but keep being reminded of every so often!

Despite that, I look back at those weeks with immense pride and I also made some of the best friends I could ever ask for.

As for Julie, back in 2012 she was a lecturer to me. 2017 she’s now a friend. Still a hard taskmaster though and still the voice of reason to most situations! Despite seeing us (and I speak for all of my class mates of 2012!) graduate all those years ago, she still keeps tabs on us.

That I am ultimately grateful for and I know many others feel the same.

To finish, I’ve unearthed this that I made for one of the final programmes during our year of Exposure. Still makes me laugh and well up at the same time as to how we managed to put this together, without Julie knowing! (Trust me, that’s a tough ask in itself!)

Enjoy! x

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