Presenter of a kind

Can anyone be on the radio? Yes pretty much.

Does that mean everyone who is, is good at it? No… (Park that thought for a moment)

Sorry to ‘harsh truth’ at the start of this post but I’ve heard some presenters in my time, who haven’t got a clue! (Some of them have people doing the techie stuff, so all they have to do is just talk – and even that’s a struggle!).

Now I’m not perfect – I’m still learning and yes, I get things wrong from time to time. It’s just highlighted more when you’re a radio presenter because you haven’t got a clue who’s actually listening as opposed to a misunderstanding in a shop where the only ones that know are the others in the queue behind or earwigs nearby.


When I was a kid, I was a dedicated listener to Red Dragon FM, South Wales. I knew the presenters for who they were. Each one was a friendly voice that played my favourite songs at the time and delivered the essentials to any ‘hit music’ station. Let’s just say, I won a lot of competitions!

I loved the station, even blagging myself on a tour back in my early days and meeting the faces behind the voices.

The presenters weren’t famous, but I felt they were.

They weren’t on the TV either.

I don’t know about you, yes you reading this! – I listen to a radio station for a number of reasons, depending on my mood. My car has the delights of DAB Digital Radio, so I tend to flick on LBC or BBC Radio Wales if I fancy speech, BBC Radio 1, Absolute or Virgin if I fancy music and so on. They’re just some of my tendencies but I have near enough every radio station available to me on a preset in my car (there or thereabouts).

Do I listen to a station because someone on TV is presenting a show there?

No is the short and simple answer.

I get why ‘some’ stations do it – It’s more a commercial thing, to make the station more attractive to advertisers – but surely it’s about more about the brand and the individuality of the presenters as opposed to a ‘name’. No name is bigger than a brand right?

There are hundreds of talented individuals across the UK that want to get their break onto radio, but it seems like ‘most’ stations are overlooking these for those who’ve been on TV.

I find that a bit unfair.

Now – before the haters start ranting. I’m not out to criticise anyone who’s on radio and TV! Some are fantastic and really know their stuff, some are even better on radio than they are on TV.

… But content can be delivered by anyone. Even this clown…

Jamie on Wave

If an individual can relate to your audience, keep to a format of that particular station – then that should be enough surely?

Many radio stations across the world, not just the UK are successful because what they’re pumping out is engaging and listeners enjoy what they’re hearing.

My face wasn’t made for TV. This side is better…


I’m not at all jealous, I find radio a much more enjoyable experience (I dipped my toe in TV production in Uni … It wasn’t for me) – The stations who have ‘nobodies’ on air – aren’t nobodies – they’re the cogs that keep the radio wheel turning in an even more competitive industry than what it was, say 10 years ago.

Radio Stations – Take your eyes off the TV – Put your ears to those demos and pay attention to those that ‘sound’ good – give them that chance.

You never know, they could ‘end up’ on TV and you can say … Look!