2017 – A Short Reflection

No mirrors needed here to look back at the last 12 months.

I wanted to sum up 2017 in one sentence, but I’m really struggling for a number of reasons.

Like for any person, every year there’s ultimate highs and deep down lows but here now, I’d rather choose to reflect on the positives than the negatives.

Some of my closest of friends have bought bricks and mortar that they can call their own, some have said “I do” to getting hitched, some of them have ventured out to experience new things and some have done all that and more!

Personally, after a really jittery start to the year I’m heading into 2018 with a fantastic circle of friends and family members who support my strange working patterns!

It seems daft to say, but at 27 knowing who I can depend on to chat to about problems, solve any issues and overall have fun times that make lasting memories really makes life worth living! Whether it be going out for food, road trips, evenings in front of the TV or battling the elements to watch Rugby – It really supplements my work ethic.

My career keeps climbing steps too than sliding down slopes and I hope that’ll continue next year after being given more opportunities with Wireless Group (Wave & Swansea Sound) during 2017.

A nod to my colleagues from my various workplaces too, who make my job loads more fun – in amongst the struggles that any work life brings!

This was only meant to be a short nod to the last 12 months and like a lot of stuff you’ll see on social media over the next 48 hours, I don’t want to bore you – but I’m very positive about what’s ahead.

“It’s a mix of the people you choose to spend time with and your own personal goals that make you the person you are”

Thank you for reading – here’s to 2018 … and beyond!