National Recognition for TCT Takeover

It was a good start to 2018.

Within moments of the clock striking midnight on January 1st, an email from the Hospital Broadcasting Association dropped into my inbox with the nominations for the National Hospital Radio Awards.

I was pleased to see that Radio Glamorgan had been shortlisted as one of the Top 10 in the U.K in the “Station of the Year” category and that we’d also been shortlisted in the “Station Promotion” category…

… But I was more over the moon this time to see that the “Teenage Cancer Trust Takeover” was shortlisted in the “Best Programme with Multiple Presenter” category.



To give you a mini background to the show and how it was born.

I was introduced to the Teenage Cancer Trust (TCT) around 10 years ago whilst I was in secondary school in a form class being covered by Mr David Rowles (who’s a Legend to the Stanwell crew!) – Not long after in 2009, TCT opened a unit at the University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff, literally around the corner from the Radio Glamorgan (RG) studio.

Cue brainwave!

What better way to give the patients of the TCT ward a voice by getting them into the RG studio and get them to present a show – From picking the music to talking about whatever they want? (within reason of course!)

Next month, the show would’ve been going for two years and what a fantastic two years it’s been!

tct hannah anna jamie
The original trio after the first show in February 2016

It’s currently presented by Hannah (Who was diagnosed with Leukemia in 2015 and is now in remission), Hayley (who is still undergoing treatment for bone cancer), Anna (The Youth Support Co-ordinator for the Cardiff Unit) all overseen by yours truly (Who acts as producer and regular contributor to the show too).

Sometimes we get guests popping in and lending their voice to the show – telling stories and their own accounts of experiences they’ve gone through but it’s mostly the four of us who hold the show together.

The show is broadcast every month on a Sunday Afternoon for two hours on Radio Glamorgan. Its main aims are to highlight the work of the charity, the fundraising efforts that go on to keep money trickling in, give the patients of the unit a voice and sense of freedom to entertain the masses that tune in.

On a personal note, seeing the smiles on the faces of the girls (or anyone for that matter from the unit who gets involved in the show) who sit opposite me every time we come together, makes the show worthwhile.

It’s been really inspiring.

… And now for the show to be nominated for a national award and furthermore for it to be recognised by industry experts on a national scale makes me burst with pride as it’s always been a show for the girls and for TCT.

The girls make the show. The content. The gems that are born from it (and there have been a few!)

Why not tune in for yourself the next time the show’s on (Keep an eye via the Radio Glamorgan Twitter @radioglamorgan)

The awards – Well, the Gold, Silver and Bronze prizes will be announced at a ceremony in Windsor on the 24th March but even if the show isn’t in the Top three, it’s still a winning formula which we’ll keep on doing because we love it!



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