Let’s talk about Social Media

#Hashtags and likes have taken over our lives in recent years.

First it was Facebook. Then Twitter joined in. Then the likes of Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat were welcomed to the party. Then a multitude of other networks bashed down the door of intrusion to have an insight into our lives in one way or another.

I have all the mentioned above and for my line of work use most of them on a daily basis … however I’m finding myself ignoring them a little when I’m not being paid because they’re becoming a little frustrating for a number of reasons.

Don’t misunderstand me (as you’ve probably reached this blog by clicking on a link posted on social media) in some ways, social media is a truly fantastic tool.

It connects people that maybe haven’t spoken in years, keeps families and friends updated with goings on in their mini worlds and provides us collectively with a platform for instant news. Amongst other useful little things including a good chuckle with memes and filters (And content for radio shows when you’re after interaction on a topic!)


However, like anything there’s a flip side.

Those who like every post.
Those who post stuff constantly similar to a continuous stream of toilet roll being unleashed.
Those who think its okay to scroll all day long and comment on random stories.
Worst of all, those who think its okay to become a “keyboard warrior” (twitter especially) and use a platform to abuse, insult and criticise an individual or a group because they don’t agree with something.

If any of those points above relate to you, I’m no professional psychiatrist but I think you need a break from social media.

That last point in particular… If you don’t agree with someones opinion, would you ‘eff and jeff’ at them in a street or in a cafe? Probably not if you were a decent person. So if you wouldn’t do it in person, why on earth would anyone think it’s acceptable on social media.

I say this a lot. If everyone is the same, the world would be pretty damn boring!

It hasn’t happened to me (much in my 15 years in the ‘public’ eye!) but when someone criticises a radio/TV presenter because they don’t like them (for whatever reason!) – your device has an off button right?

Social media is a fantastic way to create memories, friends and defining moments – but my goodness, if you open the apps as much as your eyes are open for a day, take a break from it once in a while – you might notice some surprising things.

… You might notice things you may not have spotted should you have had your face down staring at a screen.

#PeaceOut #SocialFreeSeptember

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