The Lucky Escape

They say things happen for a reason right? There have been more than a few circumstances during my 26 years on this earth that the above phrase can be applied to; more recently during an episode I’ll now call ‘the lucky escape’. Back in June, circumstances started to change and I needed to do something … More The Lucky Escape

My brain is an arse

You’re probably thinking, that’s a bit of a strange title? It’ll make sense if you stick with me here. The brain is important, there’s no doubt about that. It does more than you think, excuse the language here but it can f**k with your feelings. Right now, I’m between a rock and a hard place. … More My brain is an arse

Power of Radio

On the 30th September 1974 on 1170MW, Swansea Sound burst into life! On Swansea Sounds’ 21st birthday on the 30th September 1995, the younger sister 96.4FM The Wave appeared on the dial with the voice of Shaun Tilley and “Starship – We built this city”. Fast forward to 2016 and in a time of many a choice … More Power of Radio


I’ve had a blank blog open for the last hour or so and have been wondering how on earth I’m going to write what’s going through my head. Well here it goes. These last few weeks have been somewhat “yo yo style”. There’s been some highs, some ultimate lows, but right now I’m not far … More Mentality

Self Evaluation

Believe it or not, I’m writing this little post on my day off. You’re probably thinking, yeah? and? so what? Anyone who knows me well enough, knows that this is a rare occasion. My day today, I’ve spent sat on my sofa, TV’s been on in the background (Mostly E4 and repeats of Big Bang … More Self Evaluation

A check on reality

  Life has its ups and downs. We annoy loved ones. We annoy ourselves. We make mistakes. We make memories. A couple of weeks ago, I was given a life reality check. A little background to this post. I’ve supported Teenage Cancer Trust (TCT) for many years, 9 to be exact. I remember to this day, … More A check on reality

“March” on!

It’s that month again. It’s March. Our Month. Kicks off with St David’s Day, patron saint of Wales. But it’s also less than a few weeks until we find out how Radio Glamorgan has done in the National Hospital Broadcasting Awards! We’re up for seven in this years bunch including Station of the Year. Some people … More “March” on!