The Lucky Escape

They say things happen for a reason right? There have been more than a few circumstances during my 26 years on this earth that the above phrase can be applied to; more recently during an episode I’ll now call ‘the lucky escape’. Back in June, circumstances started to change and I needed to do something … More The Lucky Escape

A is for Anger

I’ve done a fair amount of research when it comes to anger management in recent years. As a pre-teen, I suffered from outbursts of anger which sometimes got me into trouble. There was often no reasoning behind the fits of rage but by the time I was in secondary school, it was pretty much all done … More A is for Anger

Why Me?

Most of us make New Years resolutions in a bid to do things differently, whether it’s going to the gym to get fitter or eating different foods to be healthier. For many years, I haven’t made a resolution but I have tried to better myself as a person in general. To say it’s been a busy … More Why Me?

Speech & Thoughts

I talk a lot. I mean a lot. Sometimes I talk too much. Sometimes it gets me into trouble. Anyway, I digress rapidly. Speech and communication is what makes the world evolve, but why as humans are we still susceptible to saying the wrong things at the wrong time? Why do our brains think that saying … More Speech & Thoughts