A check on reality

  Life has its ups and downs. We annoy loved ones. We annoy ourselves. We make mistakes. We make memories. A couple of weeks ago, I was given a life reality check. A little background to this post. I’ve supported Teenage Cancer Trust (TCT) for many years, 9 to be exact. I remember to this day, … More A check on reality

Teamwork pays

It’s been a busy few weeks but fun nevertheless. Last Sunday (4th October) it was the Cardiff Half Marathon, where 22,000 runners took to the streets to run 13.1 miles, most of whom were doing it for charity. I’ve done it twice in recent years. It was difficult. Mainly due to the fact that my … More Teamwork pays

Why Me?

Most of us make New Years resolutions in a bid to do things differently, whether it’s going to the gym to get fitter or eating different foods to be healthier. For many years, I haven’t made a resolution but I have tried to better myself as a person in general. To say it’s been a busy … More Why Me?

Busy Busy Busy!

Short post but, it’s been a busy few days/weeks at Radio Glamorgan HQ! I have a sense of pride when I’m part of a team that’s dedicated, determined and hard working. On Friday (28th), Radio Glamorgan welcomed the Chair of the Cardiff and Vale Health Board, Maria Battle to launch our brand new studio. Full … More Busy Busy Busy!

Hidden Gem?

In a nutshell, what is GTFM? Take a listen… “Community doesn’t mean amateur”

Pride of a volunteer

There’s a new app doing the rounds at the minute called “Timehop“. It basically reminds you, what you posted on Twitter or Facebook on this day either a year ago, 2 years ago, 3 years and so on. It also brings back memories, some good and admittedly some bad. A year ago today, I wrote the … More Pride of a volunteer