BBC and Radio Glamorgan

It’s not often that you get a national platform to publicise an event or a service. Wednesday 28th January, BBC Radio Cymru and BBC Radio Wales both took over the airwaves of Radio Glamorgan whilst they were in the grounds of the University Hospital of Wales. 9am-10am – BBC Radio Cymru simulcast with Radio Glamorgan … More BBC and Radio Glamorgan

Why Me?

Most of us make New Years resolutions in a bid to do things differently, whether it’s going to the gym to get fitter or eating different foods to be healthier. For many years, I haven’t made a resolution but I have tried to better myself as a person in general. To say it’s been a busy … More Why Me?

Busy Busy Busy!

Short post but, it’s been a busy few days/weeks at Radio Glamorgan HQ! I have a sense of pride when I’m part of a team that’s dedicated, determined and hard working. On Friday (28th), Radio Glamorgan welcomed the Chair of the Cardiff and Vale Health Board, Maria Battle to launch our brand new studio. Full … More Busy Busy Busy!

A proud moment!

This week, has been a week of milestones but one special milestone occurred yesterday. Prior to this weekend, Hospital Radio Glamorgan, which is based at the heart of the University hospital of Wales Cardiff, could only be listened to via the bedside handsets. But now, thanks to the wonders of technology, lots of wires and … More A proud moment!

Short but “glam”orous

So it’s that time of year where everyone is extremely busy. Lots of people going on holidays and those who are not, work on. However, In amongst meetings and many other things I’ve had to contend with these last few weeks, I’ve been harbouring this… up until now. *Written by Jamie Pritchard Voiced by Laura … More Short but “glam”orous

Work, Love & Passion

Call me sad (or whatever) but I really love my job. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea (for which I drink a lot!) but for me, despite it being challenging at times, it’s fun. I work with some great people, I speak to some awesome people on a regular basis and without blowing my own trumpet, … More Work, Love & Passion