Self Evaluation

Believe it or not, I’m writing this little post on my day off. You’re probably thinking, yeah? and? so what? Anyone who knows me well enough, knows that this is a rare occasion. My day today, I’ve spent sat on my sofa, TV’s been on in the background (Mostly E4 and repeats of Big Bang … More Self Evaluation

Teamwork pays

It’s been a busy few weeks but fun nevertheless. Last Sunday (4th October) it was the Cardiff Half Marathon, where 22,000 runners took to the streets to run 13.1 miles, most of whom were doing it for charity. I’ve done it twice in recent years. It was difficult. Mainly due to the fact that my … More Teamwork pays

Sound of silence

I am a determined individual. Most people who know me, know that. I annoy the ones closest to me by being a little bit too determined at times – being told not to do something and I’ve gone and done it. I suppose that’s only because they have a little bit more of a realistic … More Sound of silence

Sharing sounds

Bare with me on this self-indulgent post of mine. Whether you like it or not, one simple song can spark a memory. It can pinpoint a moment in life, whether it be the first time you met someone, first kiss or remind you of a significant event. On the flip side, it can also trigger sadness or unhappiness. … More Sharing sounds

Don’t get complacent

3 weeks today, hospital radio bods from up and down the UK will all be gathering in the Newcastle Marriott Hotel, feasting on a delicious three course meal and wearing their best suits and dresses. Why you ask? Newcastle is this years host city for the National Hospital Radio Awards – an annual ceremony which takes … More Don’t get complacent