Hello there!

I’m Jamie, an award winning Professional Radio Presenter based in South Wales – heard mostly on The Wave across South West Wales. Previous to that I was heard reading travel news on radio stations across Wales and the South West of England.

During my time (so far) on the airwaves, I’ve met and interviewed a number of high profile stars, presented out and about on location at events as well as sitting in a studio fronting shows.

I don’t know whether you’ve stumbled upon my site by accident, or you’ve clicked on a link on purpose – either way, you’re reading this and I’m electronically waving at you as a thank you.

I’m the one on the right in the picture … I have no idea who the one on the left is… but to let you know, what’s featured on this site is just a sample of my work.

There’s lots more available on request!

Jamie headshot 2